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Our Story … a little about us and our cockers

Pierre TalbotPierre Talbot
Jean A. DelisleJean A. Delisle

KEBEC is an indian name meaning “where the river is very narrow”, in reference to the St-Lawrence River and the city of Québec. It was the way to write it back in the 1600’s. We choose this name, as it indicates where our dogs come from. All new puppies bred by us have this name (prefix). KEBEC is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, owned by Pierre Talbot & Jean Delisle.

The early years

Pierre has been involved with dogs all his life. In 1984 he purchased his first dog from the USA, and requested Show Quality. He wanted to have a good foundation to start. The bitch was a very poor subject of the breed (in terms of conformation… she was really a pet). And the poor bitch was diagnosed at 1 year of age has having cataract in both eyes. In conclusion she wasn’t bred and that wasn’t a nice welcome to the breed.

It was a hard way to face the genetic problems in Cockers. Pierre was seriously aware of them. Pierre did go to a National Summer Specialty (1985?), and purchased a new bitch. That was a more successful begining, learning to know the “game” of Dog Show.

The 1990’s

Pierre did have the name Kebec’s to be Permanently Registered with the CKC, having enough champions under his prefix. In 1991, Pierre met Jean, and it was a new start for Kebec’s. We have had a few litters, and many Canadian and American champions. Winning isn’t everything in life. Now we enjoy finding good homes for puppies, meeting fellow exhibitors at Dog Shows.

1997 was an exceptional year for us, seeing Am/Can Ch. Kebec’s Black Ashley (shown by Marilyn O’Neil -Larmaro Cockers-) winning the Canadian National Specialty. We had 4 US champions under the Kebec’s prefix.

In 1998, BIS Am/Can Ch. Kebec’s The Tuxedo In Blue was #2 Cocker in Canada. 76 Best of Breeds, 49 Group Placements and one Best in Show. Woof is the Sire of many Champions in Canada, USA and Europe, continuing the tradition of Show Dogs at Kebec’s.

The years 2000

In 2001 we had Pedro going to Brazil and in 2003 he was the Top Cocker in his new country.

In 2003 Calif won WD at the famous American Spaniel Club competition from the Bred-By Class. At the age of 8 months old. He won 2 Best in Show in Specialty in the USA. He won in 2004 the Canadian National and the American AOM National. In 2004, Calif’s brother James, is the Top in his Group in Italy.

We are not in 2005 and Calif won the AKC Invitational National Championship for the ASCOB Cocker Spaniel in Tampa, Florida. Calif for 2006 won an All Breed Best in Show.

In 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2012 we show at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club in New York City. In 2006 Calif became TOP COCKER SPANIEL Breeder/Owner in the USA, and Top 5 ASCOB All-Breed in the USA. We continued to show at the ASC Flushing show and are proud that our Calif went Best Veteran handled by Jean and Lindsey (from San Jo Cockers – Sandra and Joe Bell) won Best of Opposite Sex with Pierre handling. Our very own GYPSY was moved up from the Bred-By Class to the Special class, and won First Award of Merit.

Two litters of parti-colors from 2008 until 2010. We traveled with DOT (Red/White male) and Madame (Red/White female). Both of us went to many FCI shows in the Caribbean winning Best In Show. And in Europe Dot is World Champion in Paris (2011). In 2013 Madame is Vice-World Champion at the FCI World Dog Show in Budapest.

Where are we today?

Somewhere around 2009, we decided to apply to become conformation judges. A very long process and much rewarding one. After the various pre-requisites to apply for our judging license, we are now on our way!